"D&D" stands for Daryl & Diane and the "DIXY" is actually Diane's nickname.    Mostly everyone thinks it stands for something else, but the D&D "Z" on our trucks is simply a design element that they thought looked sharp.

It all started with a "Dream", perhaps playing with trucks in the sandbox as a boy.   With determination, hard work and that urge to succeed; that little dream became a reality.

Born in Edmonton Alberta, he spent most of his childhood in Canada.  Daryl’s youth however, was spent much over seas in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he had the amazing opportunity to learn and observe from politicians, diplomats, and extremely successful businessmen.  Moving back to Edmonton in the 1970's, he completed his education and started into the workforce.

By 1981, things were getting serious and married now for only a month to Diane - they proceeded to sell what they could to gain enough revenue to purchase a truck.  Everyone had told them they were crazy!  This first truck was a 3 ton, and within that first year they earned enough revenue to purchase a 5 ton.  That quickly changed the scope and the first tractor was purchased an International (Unit 115).  Then soon following came a Kenworth (Unit 116) - to which they still have 38 years later.  (This unit became - Daryl's little "Baby").

Blessed they were with two children, and the ever increasing need to be an active part of their lives, they soon realized that they needed to hire drivers to help carry demands of D&D Dixy Trucking.  Within the first 11 years more trucks were acquired, along with more staff, headaches and opportunity.  He "Kept on Truckin"., and with that being said -  D&D Dixy Trucking now become incorporated in June 1991.

By 1993, business was booming, with management, administration, staff, location, along with Diane - D&D Dixy Trucking Inc grew.  Extended length permits were obtained, not only did they diversify into flat decks they still were hauling van freight as well.   By late 1994, they employed over 20 staff with a additional location set up in Calgary, AB.  (That has since changed – due to AB economic situation).

In 1995, Daryl was nominated by the Bank of Montreal for the Prairie Region Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Although he did not win, this prestigious nomination it proved to show how determination and perseverance can pay off.  With the outstanding growth by 1997, D&D Dixy Trucking Inc moved to its now current location, with 2 yards, a service center, wash bay, and cross dock facility to which it proudly remains today.  The company then purchased another yard in 2000 along with a front end loader and opened a "pipe yard" to house incoming and outgoing pipe freight.  


By now, things were extremely busy and extra help was needed, we then hired on Arthur to assist with all the yard maintenance for the company of which still remains active in that today.   Meanwhile, administrative duties needed an extra hand.  Natalie Thompson was hired on to assist in administration.    Natalie had been assisting with other little things since 1998, and by 2007 she received her Diploma in Accounting and Strategic Measurement and is still employed and running the accounting department.  Natalie also with her education became very well versed with computer related issues and soon was the go-to person for databases and creating the network.  She is also now the Liaison to Daryl and Diane Ammann.

While Natalie remains on board with Daryl and Diane - the company has faced challenges, has evolved in many different sectors of the industry, with the roles for them becoming more challenging and demanding of different duties.  We work together as a team, with that constant urge to succeed and be professional.